Best fries in orange county caThe top 10 best fries you can find in Orange County

The top 10 best fries you can find in Orange County

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French fries are one of the greatest foods ever invented, but only when they’re done right. Frozen fries are junk. Frozen fries are for amateurs. Homemade fries, on the other hand, are works of art.

Fortunately, chefs are starting to realize that McDonald’s (the inventor of McNuggets and McRib, after all) shouldn’t be the benchmark for which they aim. I’m always amazed when talented chefs claim to make everything in their kitchens from scratch, but still serve frozen fries. And if the fries are frozen, what else in that kitchen isn’t homemade?

Any chef or restaurateur who might be wondering how to make great fries from scratch should simply go to Five Guys and watch how it’s done. It’s not fast. It takes time to get it right. But if the teenage fry cooks at Five Guys can do it (sometimes they undercook), imagine what a chef with a culinary degree could do. Great fries don’t come from a freezer bag. Ever. Here’s where to find the best hand-cut, made-from-scratch french fries in Orange County.