About Us

What LinX?

LinX is our home kitchen, our backyard patio. It’s a place where we want to
cook for and eat and drink with our friends. A hang out. A place where the
food and craft beers are exceptional. Where the atmosphere is fun and
relaxed and the friendly staff make sure you leave with a smile on your face.

Why LinX?

Simple really. We love the challenge of taking the ordinary and making it
extraordinary. We love exploring and dining in our home town but we
noticed that there was something missing; a missing LinX, you might say. OK,
That was bad… but you get what I’m sayin’.

What was missing was a place for extraordinary dawgs. The kind you
remember from some special place like Chicago’s Wrigley Field. A place that
serves grilled artisan sausage made from the highest quality ingredients and
served up on buns so fresh they melt in your mouth. And when you add
your favorite craft beer and Belgian frites with one of many delicious,
housemade dipping sauces… your going to have a new special memory.

How LinX?

Our kitchen is committed to consciously sourcing local, sustainable and
humanely raised ingredients for our menu. We gather as much organic and
seasonal produce as we are able from local farmer’s markets and ranchers
who are passionate about what they raise and how they sell it.

Our sausages are made from only the finest available all-natural products,
and never with fillers or by-products. LinX works directly with the craftsman
at Europa Specialty Sausage to create all of our signature sausages. LinX rolls
and breads are delivered every day still warm and straight from the hearth
by the artisans at nearby O.C. Baking Company.

All condiments and toppings are made in house daily utilizing local, organic
and seasonal products. In an effort to minimize our impact on the environment,
all LinX plates, packaging and utensils are all 100% recyclable, compostable or

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