OC Register "Linx

OC Register “Linx’s Version is Even Better Than the Classic Chicago Dog”

oc-register-linx-restaurant-old-towne-orange-best-restaurant-reviews-yelpAs the name suggests, the new Linx in downtown Orange is about hot dogs. And while the hot dogs are core to this restaurant’s identity, I’m starting to think of this place first and foremost as a French fry specialist. Big, fat, fresh-cut and twice-fried, this is what a French fry is supposed to taste like. The fries are absolute perfection dusted with some sort of powdered sea salt. The dogs are good, too, but trust me: Start with the fries, and don’t bother with a small order. Get the biggest one they’ve got.

Now, as far as traditional hot dog genres go, I’ve always believed that nothing trumps a classic Chicago-style dog “dragged through the garden,” which is Chicago parlance for “with the works.” The Chicago dog at Linx isn’t exactly authentic. The fluorescent green relish isn’t quite fluorescent enough. The wiener is better than it should be. And the bun is way too gourmet. As a former seven-year temporary Chicagoan, as loath as I might be to admit it, Linx’s version is even better than the classic.

OC Register said it:  “Linx’s Version is Even Better Than the Classic Chicago Dog”